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Originally Posted by jackobeano

Okay so if the wool is dirty you will need to wash it first which I do in warm water with just baby shampoo. I usually let it soak and than work on any spots or problem areas with a bit of shampoo and light rubbing or a wool wash bar (forgot I do use these on occasion just for spots etc). Once you are done washing you will want to rinse out the shampoo and than fill up your sink with very warm almost hot water and place the wool item in the water inside out. Than in a small lidded container (baby food jars work great) you will want to put very hot water, a few drops of shampoo, and a dab of lanolin (I usually like to use about 2 pea sized dabs but you can adjust this depending). Shake this up until it is dissolved and than add it to your sink full of water. Than you will want to gently squeeze the water through the wool concentrating on the wet zone. After this just let it soak until the water cools. Leave the wool in the sink as you let the water out and than you are done and are ready to let it dry. I do roll mine in a dry towel before lying flat to dry since this shortens dry time. I think that covered it but let me know if you have any other questions or need clarification on anything
Thanks so much. I think I would like to get a wool wash bar too for touch ups.
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