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Originally Posted by SamanthaSews View Post
Yay! For grandmas!

Getting any thing done?

Caden finally slept! Til 6:12am! he did wake up a couple times- once at midnight, just as I was slipping off to dreamland. But I just let him figure it out himself & he went back to sleep! Thank goodness!

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I got the litter completely changed out and mopped the floor by it. Dishes done. Vacuumed and did a couple other little things.

Yay!! That's awesome. Maybe the bed was the trick!

Rylee woke up at 7:53 and was shouting, mommy wake up!! Dang kid. She was very adamant on getting me up.

So, I just found out that dh's hours got changed around for tomorrow and instead of working from 7:15-4 he now works 12-9:15pm... Ugh, I am so stinking angry. It means he has to leave by 11:15am and wont get home until 10pm. Gah!
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