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Re: lots of questions in here - re: fitteds & starting back CD

Originally Posted by jfork View Post
Background: I like fitted diapers very much, but have none. I do, however, have 24 prefolds stuffed in a bag. I have a toddler who is getting ready to potty train & he is very motivated when he's in a cloth diaper (or grossed out, either way, it works for me). I am also expecting in late March. I have been looking around online at fitteds & at having my prefolds converted, but am just stumped as to what I should do. I can't decide if I should sell the prefolds I have & buy new, or have mine converted. Can prefolds be converted into one size fitteds? Does anyone know how converted prefolds fair during the night?

Also - help me, please, with my issues with cloth diapering. I stopped CDing because I got really bogged down with laundry, & personal issues (child was diagnosed with sensory seeking disorder, the other was considered to have asperger's, we moved, we homeschool, etc), so the cloth diapering had to give.

Here are some of my biggest issues with cloth diapering. I feel like I had to be doing something wrong, so please enlighten me.

1) My laundry room stank. I stored the diapers (no longer than 2 days) in the Bummis diaper tote, & man(!) it was rank after those 2 days. Do I need an actual diaper pail/bin-thing with liners & a carbon filter to store my diapers? I use a regular flip lid garbage can I bought at Wal-mart with a pail liner. The only time I can really smell the diapers in when I'm taking the whole bag out to throw them in the wash.
2) The diapers smelled gross. I never used any type of anti-bac/odor remover when I washed them, but I washed them according to directions. (I am mostly referring to my pockets with the lingering odor.) Do I need to have an additional step, or do you have an laundry detergent recommendations? Were you by any chance using microfiber inserts in your pockets? I'm asking because microfiber is known for having stink issuies. Some people will add 1/4 cup of bleach to their prerinse once or twice a month to help combat this issue.

3) I am not very good with poop. I know I am getting knit-picky here, but I'm trying to be really honest because I need help... I bought the flushable liners (Imse Vimse) & used those pretty regularly, but the poop would not stay on the liners. I would end up just tossing the diaper into the wash & rinsing it a zillion times, then washing it, re-rinsing, etc. I was so gross. I do not own a diaper sprayer. Is this something I should invest in? Also, what about the Spray Pal to go with it? Is this necessary?

4) Diaper rash. What am I supposed to use when my little one gets a rash? coconut oil

5) Regular, button pants don't fit. Do y'all size up in pants, only buy elastic waist, or am I missing something? It seems like baby clothing companies do not leave enough room in the butt area for cloth diapers (esp Gap & Ralph Lauren). Am I the only one who struggles/d with this? I find carter's and old navy to be good cd pants.

6) Baby wipes - do you guys soak your wipes, or use a spray? I never really got a good rhythm with cloth wipes, but hated using disposables. I have an old sposy wipes container full of my flannel wipes. I have a peri bottle full of wipes solution. I just dribble some of the wipes solution on the top wipe when I need it and let it soak into the next couple. I don't have any problems with musty smells this way because I'm using the wipes that get wet immediately.

I know this is a really loaded thread. Thank you for any advice. I do want to get back into cloth, but desperately don't want to fail again. My husband is *not* on board the cloth diapering train, esp. since we've become so spoiled with disposables (& our laundry room smells so fresh,) but I hate the idea of chemicals touching my babies' genitals. Thanks again!
I'm sorry I can't answer all of your questions because I don't have experience with all of it but I answered the ones I could.
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