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Re: lots of questions in here - re: fitteds & starting back CD

RE: converted prefolds
- they will work fine at night, but you'll probably need more absorbency. Add a hemp doubler or two.

1) My laundry room stank.

2) The diapers smelled gross.

Your diapers aren't getting clean enough. I ignore washing instructions and do what I need to do to get them clean (which is washing in HOT water, with the full amount of detergent, plus baking soda. I also put vinegar in the prewash. And maybe once every couple of months, I bleach.) You would also be better off sticking with cotton diapers -- prefolds and flats wash out best.

3) I am not very good with poop.
Yup, I don't trust liners to catch stuff, and I just rinse out the diaper in a dedicated bucket, and pour it into the toilet. Or if you have solid poop, just flip it into the toilet. OR, if your LO is predictable, just use a disposable when you are expecting a poop

4) Diaper rash. What am I supposed to use when my little one gets a rash?
You can use cloth diaper-friendly rash balms (CJ's butter is a popular one, but I haven't tried it. I really liked the Northern Essence balm... worked way better than the commercial butt creams). Or, use whatever commercial stuff works for you and use a disposable liner.

5) Regular, button pants don't fit.
We generally liked looser pants anyway, but there are trim cloth diaper options that worked well with button jeans. A folded (snappied) prefold under a Dappi nylon cover always worked great under jeans for us.

6) Baby wipes - do you guys soak your wipes, or use a spray?
I kept a water bottle with my wipe solution (plain water + drop of baby oil + drop of baby soap) on the changing table, and a little bowl. I stored the wipes dry, then put one in the bowl, squeezed a bit of the wipe solution on it, then used it. I found that cloth wipes worked so much better than the disposables... in fact, we would sooner give up cloth diapers than cloth wipes if we were forced to do so...
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