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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Ack!!! Quick!!!

Babies did fine in the coop last night. They were kinda ticked at me for locking them in there, but they did fine. They were happy to come out in the morning and got right back to their usual silliness.

So now I have an issue: The heater still hasn't arrived. Some issue with the drop-shipper. I paid for 2-day shipping on Wednesday. Sooo.... ugh.

Anyway, last night's temps dropped to 36. But tonight, they are supposed to go down to 26.

Do you think my 5.5 week, fully feathered chicks will be OK? Their coop is full of nice, dry straw. And it is relatively small.

If I had to, I could figure out a way to rig up the heat lamp from the brooder, but then they would have a bright light on all night. And the bulb is pretty warm - 250w I think? Might be too much for such a small space.

Ugh! Now I'm worried all over again!
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