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Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)

Here is the main areas of my house. Dining room, living room and kitchen.

Im thinking about getting rid of the paintings in this room. I like them...enough. dont love them. They are obviously not functional for anything.

Living room from both sides. Notice there is only one couch cushion.....thats the compromise with dh and i...he likes to use the pillows when he sits...i dont use them and hate to pick them up 98765 xs per day. So we leave one out and the rest in storage since he doesnt want me to get rid of them entirely.

Also notice the sick lo...poor baby has a little fever and isnt feeling good!

Kitchen from the living room....the good

And the bad.....

I can never keep the fridge clear...and the bag of garbage hanging from the pot rack is a constant fixture...the girls school participates in terracycle and collects all sorts of garbage to recycle for money to help the school.

This is my biggest problem in the main living right offthe front door and tiny (about 2.5ft wide by 2ft deep) with no door. It has to hold all shoes, coats, winter accessories for 6 people. We also keep a small coloring bucket o the floor in there and if we have library books they live on the shelcu til they are ready totake back.

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