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Re: lots of questions in here - re: fitteds & starting back CD

Whether or not you can get one size fitteds from your prefolds depends on what size they are to begin with. When I was looking into this I found that most mamas doing the converting wanted larger prefolds than I had. You can add a doubler to anything so nights shouldn't be a problem.

Karen at GreenMountainDiapers recommends an open dry pail to avoid the growth of bacteria, and it makes a huge difference for us. You would think the room would stink more with an open pail, but it is really much less. You can also get baking soda in a shaker which helps.

However, if you are having diaper stink problems in general that alone probably won't be enough. I am guessing that a lot of your problem was the polyester fleece/suedecloth in pockets. It is always harder to get polyester clean and free of stinkies. So switching to all natural fibers should help from the start, but like pp said don't be afraid with yor wash routine to do what it takes to get your diapers clean.

I would go with a sprayer. The only reason I don't have one is because my husband does most of the poopy ones, and he doesn't care. If it were on me we would have one. I think the investment is worth saving your sanity.

We've used CJ's Happy Baby Booty Balm, some homemade salve, and coconut oil, but my favorite by far is Honest Co. Healing Balm. I just bought like five because I use it for everything and keep one in every room and bag.

There are a few brands made especially for cloth diaper bottoms (project pomona and kumfy kozies are my favorite) but we mostly use carters and old navy. Old Navy have adjustable elastic waists, I guess we technically size up and then shrink the waist, but my kids are small so it's really the right size for their age kwim. The main thing is to look for pants with plenty of elastic in the waist. I have friends with kids in disposable diapers whose pants don't fit. The other day I went to Ross and there was a two foot long section of 2T jeans and not one had a bit of elastic, they all went straight up the sides. That wouldn't fit anyone, the manufacturers are just lazy.

I wet mine with plain water and keep them in an old disposable wipes box. we always go through them too fast for them to mildew (except once when they got lost under the couch and once when we changed diaper bags and I left them in the old one).

Never feel bad for asking a lot of questions. That's why we're here. And also never feel bad for doing what's best for your family, even if that means using disposables. There are a lot of good natural brands that are free of toxins (seventh generation and honest co. are by far the best in my opinion and they are no more expensive than pampers). We are all carrying big burdens and you can't feel guilty for doing your best. If something is technically best for baby, but it makes mom crazy it still isn't really the best.

Best Wishes!
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