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Originally Posted by KatieB621
It probably was a good thing that I ended up testing a day early....So Sorry MyGloryLife for cheating!!! Took DS in for his 12m. well check. He still isn't pulling up to a standing position, so his ped sent him to the hossy to have x-rays done of his spine. He thinks that there is a possiblility of him having a very mild form of spina bifida. Because of the test this morning, I couldn't stay in the room with him for his x-rays, but at least I knew. Now just waiting the results to see if we'll go to a pediatric neurologist or a pedatric neurosurgon (sp?). Please keep him in your prayers.

Becaue of the hormones and the shock of his appointment I've been nothing but a terriable mess!!! I'm not ready to move over to the pg boards quite yet. I'll try to keep the NTNP thread updated and here as well. Thanks mamas for all the congrats!
You poor thing. It's so hard being mom and facing anything that challenges your baby's health or happiness feels like being hit by a bus. I was right there when a nurse told me DD had a horrible heart murmur after her PED had missed it. It feels like the end of the world, but really, figuring out the problem (or lack thereof) is a powerful thing. We are so blessed that we have the ability to take our kids to the doctor, figure out the problem, and get a game plan to fix it. I hope you can hold on to that idea. I have to constantly remind myself of how lucky I am to have the resources to care for my children. There are moms around the world wondering what might be wrong with their child and praying for answers they will not find. It's heartbreaking and humbling to know we can care for our babies in the most advanced respect. I will pray that you can find comfort in knowing that you will get answers and help and that you won't be alone. Your son is loved and the new baby in your belly will bring even more joy to your family. I'll keep you all in my prayers and know that God smacked the lethargy out of your PED so you could get in gear on gettin your tiny man on the run. I think that simple fact that he was out of character to refer you was an indication that your family is def on God's radar and hell be steering you in the right direction! I hope you can focus on how healthy he is and find out that hell only need some physical therapy. I believe in positive thinking and ill try and send some to you all. Hang in there!!!!!

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