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I finally made it!

Apparently, 4th time's the charm.

I never made it past the first weeks with my first three babies. I tried so hard. Through painful bloody nipples, low supply, pumping, supplements, thrush, mastitis, food allergies, tongue tie, and none of my babies regained their birth weights without formula. I had SO much guilt over quitting afterward, but now looking back I know I just didn't get the support I needed. I gave it all I had to give, and that was all I could do. But when I got pregnant with this last baby, I made it my mission. I would breastfeed this baby, dammit!

We had a rough start, and battled almost all of those things again, but with a super supportive midwife we made it! I apparently make skim milk, because DS is 70th% for height and only 5th% for weight despite nursing on demand all day and night, but he steadily gains 8 oz every ten days. He's happy, healthy, hitting milestones early, and has never had a drop of formula.
We just passed our 3-month milestone-- and we'll hit many more to come!
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