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Re: Twins?

Originally Posted by slingmama4 View Post
Sorry, I wrote a book....

These last few nights I've had strange episodes happen....Like last night, I was sleeping on my right side for a while and then I switched to lay on my other side and when i turned it felt like the baby ( yes, I know he/she is only like 3 " long) or my uterus was all hard and bunched up on the side I had been layng on. I can feel it too with my hand very easily. It took a few minutes for it to settle back down. Weird. This has happened a few times this past week at night. I'm use to that happening when I'm much further along, but not at 12 weeks! What on earth? My uterus is much bigger than it should be too. Guess because this is my 7th pregnancy?

My friend I walk with told me that she had an u/s at 8 weeks and they saw one baby and one heartbeat. A few weeks later she started spotting. Went to the doctor and they told her she was most likely miscarrying and go home and wait. At 11 weeks the spotting had stopped and she hadn't mc. She went to the dr for u/s expecting to see no heartbeat and they found her twins! She has identical twins! One had been hiding behind the other. So she went from having one baby to thinking she was twins! Can you believe that?
She was trying to convince me that I was having twins too because of belly size..told her it was just leftovers from my previous babies. lol. So now that she has that in my, I've already been having this feeling about twins...I cant wait till Tuesday! I have another u/s Tues and I guess we will truly see if it is twins or one huge baby. lol.

Twins do run in my family. My dad is a twin. My sister has twins. My Aunt on my mom's side has twins. So, it could happen.

We did have an u/s at 8 weeks at a pregnancy center, but the lady had a hard time even finding my uterus. She didn't seem to really know what she was doing. We saw baby for literally 30 sec, a heartbeat and then done. So, I don't have much faith that there is only one.

I'll let you ladies know come Tuesday.
Some of the EXACT things I've had going on too!!! My mom thinks I'm crazy, my OB thinks I'm crazy....I THINK I'M CRAZY! But I can't get twins off the brain, and I've never in 5 pregnancies felt this way before. I've gained an insane amount of weight....I won't even share it here it's so embarrassing...and I've been measuring big. I also feel a HUGE hard lump on one side of my uterus or the other. It will be 3 cm higher (toward my rib cage) and 2 cm further out from my abdomen than the other side. I feel a tremendous amount of pressure under my right rib cage most of the time. Kind of like what you would feel toward the end when baby starts to stick his/her foot up into your rib cage, but I'm only 16 weeks. It was so bad Sunday night I hardly got any sleep because I couldn't get comfortable. Dating US at 9-ish weeks showed only 1 baby. Told OB my concerns at 12 week US and she kind of brushed me off and only found one HB. I go for my 16 week appointment on Thursday, and idk whether to mention it to her again or just be quiet and wait for my 20 week anatomy scan in January. Seriously, it wouldn't make sense for there to be 2. But I can't get it out of my head. And Dr. Google isn't helping matters...there's plenty of accounts of babies being missed at the first and even sometimes the second US, only to be discovered at the 20 week anatomy scan. :/
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