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Re: Big Mama's December Support Thread

The goodies that come only this time of year is why I don't try to lose right now. I figure if I keep my exercise routine going and eat as healthy as possible while still enjoying the goodies, I won't gain and that's good enough for me until January. I say this as I am eating a Little Debbie Christmas tree cake. lol I don't know what's so great aboit those things, but I love them. We are down to a few bags of pfeffernuse, so the Christmas cookies won't be tempting me much longer and I am not buying anymore tree cakes. We've had 2 boxes, which is enough. Conveniently enough, our family has 5 people and each box has 5 cakes. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. I didn't work out this morning, but will tomorrow for sure. I am planning on doing the full workout again, nut perhaps a nit faster than last time.
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