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Re: Detergent question?

I have tried ...

Biokleen All Temperature Liquid Laundry Detergent -- in hard and soft water, top and front loader, and in a laundromat (doing one full wash without detergent, then one with). Worked well using a full "dose", rinsed so cleanly the diapers were squeaky and didn't need a second rinse. Moderate staining.

Original Tide Liquid -- Started getting stains, needed several rinses to avoid rashes (in hard and soft water, top loading washer).

Country Save Powder (hard and soft water in 3 different states (Iowa, Washington, Oregon), top and front loaders, home and laundromat) -- Suddenly never saw a stain again, diapers got squeaky clean and didn't need an extra rinse (just cold rinse, hot wash). Used too much once and just had scratchy diapers (no rash). Also worked well on his dad's muddy work clothes.

Original and New Tide Powder -- Lots of stains appeared again, had to use a lot to get diapers clean, and then it'd take a zillion rinses to avoid rashes.

Tide Free & Clear -- Lots of stains, same problem with rinsing and rashes.

All Free & Clear -- Did so-so, rinsed well but still left stains.

Meyers Clean Day -- Overwhelming fragrance, left stains.

Arm & Hammer (regular and F&C) -- Did OK, left stains.

Cheer (regular & F&C) -- Did OK, left stains.

Rockin Green -- Diapers stank, left stains, rash.

BG Brand -- Left stains.

Homemade (1 pound each baking soda, washing soda, borax ... 1 bar of Kirk's castille soap puffed up in microwave then cooled and flaked and put through the blender ... add 1-2 Tablespoons per load) ... Doesn't work quite as well as Country Save but outperforms all the others. After using for 1 year, we have no soap buildup (washing soda cuts soap).

FWIW, every single time I buy FSOT diapers from people who say they use Tide, the diapers have stains that "won't" come out. After one or two washes in Country Save, the stains come out. Then I wash a few more times to get the Tide fragrance out, and once its gone I start smelling diaper odors. I tend to have to wash diapers from Tide homes about 6 times to get them smelling fresh.

I really didn't want to try Country Save, because I thought it was a boutique detergent without adequate ingredients (there's an article out there that people interpret this way) ... and because it just sounds way more granola crunchy than I am ... But now I wouldn't recommend anything else. I also found out that it does have water softeners and builders like mainstream detergents do. It's not a soap like Charlie's, it's a true detergent.
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