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Re: questions about life after mirena

Hey! I had my mirena from Nov/2011-Oct/2012 and like you didn't have a period once I got it put in. I got my first period exactly one month after having it removed, but prior to having my period I started charting my temps one week prior, so I knew the day my temp dropped drastically that my period was coming. Have you tried charting your temps? It's tricky to know if that was your AF or if it was just spotting, but I wouldn't think this far out that it'd be withdrawal bleeding since I think that happens a few days after removal. If I were you I'd start charting and see what happens It can be tricky since your body is still working on getting back "into gear." I'd temp for the next 30 days and I would think in that time you'd see some type of flow to your temps. Good luck!
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