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Re: REALLY need suggestions....feel like I'm losing the homeschooling battle :(

ok, so, I'm not the most "hands on" teacher, so I'm not a huge help to a kinesthetic learner, however, I do believe that is my son. He is very smart, and learns easily, but he is bored to death of reading history, or anything of length, unless it's a compelling story.

I say, stick with MUS if it's working, like everyone else said!

Apologia, the Jr. Notebooking journal has excellent activites/hands on busy work. As my son is completing these things, I read the text to him, and I try to make it as fun and interesting as I can. Little do I realize, he takes in a lot of info during that time, and not bored to tears! Also, the experiments are super fun (they sell lab kits, sectioned into labeled bags, doesn't get easier than that)

Right now we're using Just Write. The program is fun. Drawing pictures, gives a lot of good info, easy to understand ways of writing. Only problem is, the highest book they have is book 3 which is considered 4th grade I believe. We love it, it's not a bunch of copywork or boring stories, it gets the child thinking about their favorite things, and helps them write about those things!

Explode the Code. Quick, easy, and has helped my son with spelling.

Liberty's Kids TV Episodes? (free on you tube, all 40 of them). My son is also bored to tears with History books, so because he's so young, we're going with the Liberty's kids. We'll discuss/research further after watching an episode.

Unsure about this one, we're using First Language Lessons, and it's good, but somewhat annoying. My DS is doing very well with it, but he too finds it annoying. However, I haven't found anything to replace it yet!
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