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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Originally Posted by Nielsen6 View Post
Just put a lamp in there with a regular bulb, 75 or 100watt, they will be fine
Bekki I agree w/ Fodie. A regular 100wt light bulb should raise the temp around 10 degrees and fully feathered with that many of them they should be fine in the coop the way that you have it set up. Don't worry.

Aww, I'm dreading the moult next year. How bad off is Cookie? Maybe a chicken fleece sweater?

AFM, similar story. Somebody is a brat in my coop. SOMEBODY plucked every. last. saddle feather off Fred last night in their sleep and gnawed a couple other girls and I suspect it's Norah. She's getting more and more irritating, that hen. I think if I get more than 2 baby girls from the ones I just hatched I may sell her and Pearl (who is also a trouble maker and one of my least favorite hens) and keep the EE babies. I think my EE's are the only ones I can honestly say I've had ZERO issues with (knock on wood). I thought Fred was soley to blame for all the bare tails. I guess not. I also think I'll be making some hen aprons here in the next few days. :/

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