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Re: lots of questions in here - re: fitteds & starting back CD

I put a quarter cup of baking soda in my wet bag and wash every other day. It also helps to rinse diapers by hand before putting them in the wet bag.

My son is working on potty training now and we don't have to deal with poop in diapers any more, but what I used to do is dump what I could into the toilet, rinse the rest in the laundry room sink, and then run the diaper through a rinse cycle in the machine and then throw it in the wet bag.

My regular wash routine is to do a quick cycle with a half cup of washing soda then a hot cycle with my detergent and water softener then another full cycle with nothing to rinse until the soap bubbles are gone.

We homeschool, too. It helps me to have the same routine during the day. Dopes go in the machine before lessons start, I change the load after my son finishes his violin, etc. It helps me to expect when it'll have to be done.

If you're using fitteds, you could do fleece or wool pants instead of "regular" pants.

Hope that helps!
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