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Re: Do you think the movie Shrek is appropriate for a 4 year old?

Thanks everyone! I wasn't planning to make a big issue of it. Unless it's something major, I try to be relaxed about what goes on at grandparents' houses. I just wasn't sure if I was alone in my thinking. Good to know I'm not, but that it's not horrible either.

I will probably just ask them to keep it to G rated movies. Shrek is PG. I could send him with some, but they enjoy picking stuff out and planning it. I don't mind that. I'm glad they like taking my kids and spending time with them. They take one of my older 3 (by themselves) for the weekend every couple of months. I wouldn't want my kids to miss out on that because I make it too stressful or hard to please me. I'm also relaxed about food while they are visiting. He didn't have one piece of fruit or a veggie while there and it isn't because he doesn't like them. It is because my in-laws don't eat fruit or veggies.

Originally Posted by LittleThingsMama638 View Post
I wouldn't, but I also don't let my kids watch spongebob either. I don't think adult humor has a place in children's movies.
This is exactly how I feel. And someone said, animation does not equal a kids movie. I totally agree.

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
I am mixed on Shrek. My daughter saw it a couple times at 3, but we put it away for when she is older. She started trying to act like Shrek, which we weren't ok with.

We don't tend to censor her movies much, but this one we took after she was mimicking it.
My kids will do this too, especially the one who saw it. That is part of the reason I try to be so picky about it. And, why is it they always pick up the words or sayings in the movie that we don't want them to.
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