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Re: Challenge: Diaper a baby 6-40 lbs under $500

I bought these covers They were $36 for 6 and free shipping. (So $6 a cover... not bad!) They have a 2 child guarantee. I had no issues with them and DD wore them about 2 1/2 months as she was 5lbs 13 oz when she was born.
I bought snappis on Ebay. But you can get them on Amazon for $9 with free shipping on orders over $25... (Combine them with the above covers!)
I did cut up fleece and made my own liners. This is a "no sew" thing to make so I'm going to suggest people do that. (All you do is cut the fleece into rectangles. They will not unravel with washing. ) Fleece (Anti-pill not on sale and not using one of the 40% off coupons that are easily found ) $9.99 a yd at Joanns
I think 3 dozen prefolds would be a good amount for most babies. 3 dz would be $75 (Remember to get your free pins! A person could get a better deal buying 2nds. Not sure on shipping costs)
Newborn stage: $130
Then I purchased OS pocket diapers on Ebay. (I liked the Minky ones) They were all new, came with inserts, and had free shipping.
You can get them for $7 a diaper with free shipping "Buy it now" with out looking too hard or waiting for actions to end. These are good up to 33lbs
You could get 24 of them for $168 (**Cheaper if you do auctions and shop around)
Old fashion Gerber training pants and covers just like many of us had as kids. $12 for 4. So $60 for 20 of them(These are the "all in one" type. But I think I would go with the pull on pants with separate covers. $7 for 3 = $49 for 21 for the cotton part and $10 for 8 for the vinyl covers.......Grand total $59 )

Roughly a total of $357
I made my wipes... But baby washcloths would work. 36 would be a good number to have. I have no clue what they cost! So I'm going to say $30 (Even cheaper... t-shirt squares. Knits don't unravel! Simply cut up old t-shirts or sweatshirts into 8inch squares! )

Wet bag for travel $15. (I don't feel like shopping around. You can get them cheap on Ebay!)

Small trashcans with lids for diaper pails at home. $20

Everything .....$422 (That leaves you $78 to fill in future gaps!)

no sew... Cheapest diapers (great for emergencies or just to save $$)
11x11 Washcloths as newborn diaper. 18 for about $6. I think Handtowels with washcloth doublers would work for older kids.( Washcloth as diaper thread with pictures! )
Flower sack towels as flats. (5 for $5 ) 28x29
Your older kids t-shirts or other old t-shirts. Use what you got!
Flannel receiving blankets as flats. Use what you have!
$1 large safety pins from the Dollar store
Cut fleece wrap Covers (no sew)...
(I'd buy 6 Econobum covers if I was not going to do pockets. Those are the cheapest 1 size fits all diaper covers! They don't fit newborns)
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