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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

I don't exactly limit, we just don't have a ton of time for them. My boys have tablets, ds's, PS2, and they did have a Wii until it broke (I don't think they broke it as they are very careful with their systems I think it just burnt out). Dh and I have a PS3 and they have some games for it as well. The rule is on "school days" all school work, chores, ect have to be done before they can watch a movie or play with their gaming systems. We have TKD, skating or roller derby almost every night of the week and as a result they rarely play on a gaming system. Actually Tharen who finishes his school work in time rarely asks preferring to play with Legos or go oustide, Kearnan will ask but he rarely has time. I limit the PS3 more than any of the other systems simply because it is in the living room and I don't want to watch them play most of the time. Most of the games on their tablets are educational so I don't mind them playing them. They don't read on their tablets at all other than some Touchie books. On weekends and off school weeks they spend more time watching movies or gaming and I allow it so long as they are getting along (if they fight the gaming units go away and they have to earn them back). I will only start limiting screen time if they spend more than 2-3 consecutive hours with a screen in front of their faces instead of playing but that doesn't happen all that often unless some one is sick and then all bets are off. They do take either the tablets or Ds's to doctors appts to have something to do in the waiting room and Kearnan takes his to roller derby so he doesn't get bored while dh and Tharen skate.
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