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Originally Posted by jaelynsmommy61607
No way I'd turn a 20 month old. I have a radian and have had some on the same issues. The strap issue happened also with ny son. I went a head and moved the straps up to the straight slot. Or when in the last angle spot I took off the harness covers. As far as tightening the harness I've never adjusted every time I get my kids out. I keep them as is and lossen or tighten as needed. I still check for tightness every time. IMO its so much easier that way. If you decide that doesn't work for you I'd change the way you do it. So put the straps on child. Buckle the chest clip. Tighten the harness. Buckle the crotch strap. Adjust as needed. It's usually too tight IME. But its soooo much easier to adjust.
But I thought the straps have to be under their shoulders when rear facing. And above when ff.

Are there any carseat techs in here who know if its safer to do the straps wrong but keep them rf? Or turn it forward so the straps are used properly?

I don't use the harness covers.
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