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I have a 2.5 year old and a 5 year old. They both go to work with me and DH (we teach at a small elementary school). The iPads they use belong to the school, and DH and I only put educational apps on them. I don't limit their time during school hours because it helps me and DH if they are entertaining themselves while we do lessons with the students. They spend most of their time doing other things 5 year old draws pictures all day long. She draws them for me, DH, and all the students. My younger DD likes to play with all our math manipulatives. I guess I don't feel like I need to restrict their usage right now because it's not a problem.

We don't let them play any electronic devices in the car. We live 1.5 hours from the grocery store, so we do plenty of driving. We've found that the girls learn so much from paying attention to their surroundings even though there isn't much to see other than desert, mountains, and sometimes wild horses or coyotes. My 5 year old DD likes to read the signs to us and just this past weekend she figured out how to "read" the speed limit signs. She used to say "a six and a five" but this weekend she turned it into "sixty-five". Then she applied that knowledge to a Christmas light display that had some NASCAR numbers, and she surprised me when she said "eighty-eight." So all of that to say that we do not allow the girls to play on any electronic devices in the car as I think it is more beneficial for them to look around and have some down time. They don't need to be doing something every minute of every day...they need time to reflect too.
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