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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Ack. I forgot how dark it is here so early. Neighborgirl came over, invited Ginger to come over and play. I watched them cross the street from the window, and it is PITCH BLACK. And when people turn down our street they plow through, since the main road is 45MPH there. What should I do? Get them flashlights? I can't imagine *never* letting them walk around after 5pm, and I can't always escort them.
Here we put the kids in highly reflective jackets. To be worn over their regular clothes/jackets so they are able to wear them all year round.

This was taken in the dark (it's not raining, that's freezing fog messing up the picture), Derry is the one in the reflective jacket in the front. The others have on snowsuits with minimal reflective stuff...but we were walking around a field. Or rather a section of the field that was in the middle...and so nowhere near any traffic.

That's what it looks like in daylight.

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Well, I have to sign a practice log every week, and I made a big deal out of her not practicing for a whole week and then expecting me to sign it a while back. So in that respect I have dug my own grave. But at least now I know, she's not a virtuoso so I don't feel pressure that I *have* to get her some sort of instrument next year just because she thought it was cool in September. Kind of like how the kids have a hamster and a fish, yet it seems that I am the one feeding them 50% of the time. Yeah, no dog for you.

OMG Jen that is what my kids would do. And have a fight over who got to be first, and there would be tears because someone did not get to be first. And then they would tell anybody, including complete strangers, the injustices in their lives of not being able to use the toilet seat first, totally out of context. :baghead:
For that reason it'd have to be one of the adults and not one of the kids in our house. The battle and the Lording it over the others isn't worth it for who get's to poop first on a new loo seat.
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