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Re: KAL ~ Christmas is Coming! Dec 9-15

As I posted on FB, I went to see Tina today. There are a lot of less than accurate stories being put out and her husband has asked me to step forward to try to run as much interference as I can to keep people from calling the hospital. It is interfering with the ability of the staff to take care of her. According to her nurse, she is NOT in a coma but rather her brain is in a depressed state because of the swelling and sepsis along with the overdose that is causing acute kidney and liver failure. Please respect the families and hospital staffs wishes to be left to worry about Tina. It is too much for them to keep everyone who has a minor interest informed AND care for her and right now Tina needs a lot of care. Plus, they really cannot give information out over the phone to non family anyway so I just hope everyone takes to heart that they will hear updates when there is something to update and pestering the hospital staff is not helpful.
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