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Re: Talk to me about wool

Originally Posted by MandaMommy2 View Post
Thats a great idea anout just not snapping the onsies. I ordered some snap extenderes from gerber on black friday but they messed up my order and didn't send them I'm going to begoing to Once Upon a Child soon because Im in the process of sorting out the kids clothes. I've only been there once before because its so far from my house but maybe I'll have good like you and find some tops. I really would like some long sleeve dresses or tunics that she could wear with baby legs. I think it would be so cute. I also already have a bunch of those sleep gowns with the elastic on the bottom so I guess she could wear those when were homw which is most of the time anyway. Do you ever put your little one in a sleeper thats a size up? I was thinking that might work and I just bought 4- 6 month sleepers for her and I know family is buying more for Christmas.
For nighttime, I put my little ones in sleepers over their wool all the time and we never have an issue. During the day since I change often, I put the onesies on over the wool also...I don't get compression leaks or damp onesies, since I make sure they are lanolized well, and I change long before the wool is completely saturated.
On days where we are not going out of the house and I make sure the house is warm enough I have long sleeved and short sleeved tshirts that they wear with their woollies, and sometimes socks, but my kids are kind of anti -sock in the house and they always seem to be off shortly after they are put on! lol

That Pink Elephant one was SOOOO adorable!! You will love your woollies...she ships pretty quickly so I am sure you will receive them soon! Keep us posted!
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