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Hi! My name is Brandy and my husband and I are getting in the Dave Ramsey train! SOOO excited!!!

A little background: My husband makes enough to pay all of our bills (he runs a scrap yard for a friend making great money and then does taxidermy on the side with my dad) I stay home Jan-Sept. with my son and watch kids and clean houses. Oct-Dec I own/run a deer proccessing business. I make my yearly income these 3 months.

Ok, that being said, we make plenty of money. We just havent been smart with it. We are current on all bills, always are. But, I hate have 2 car payments, a house note, 2 student loan payment, and paying full coverage in 2 cars (especially mine, I go to town twice a week and it is 2 miles away). And, we have no savings.

So, I bought Dave's book for dh (and me) for Christmas! We have been talking about and DH is ready!

So, we are selling both of our cars for cheapies, gettung rid of satilite, cutting down cell plans, and cutting our food budget way down (soend way to much on food)

Anyways, it feels so good just to tell someone! I listen to Daves 2 hour show everyday!

If everything goes as plan, we will be debt free (including our house) in 15 months!!!!! Eeekkk!!
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