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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Morning mamas. I am totally grumpy and not fun to be around. I have double-dosed my meds to see if it helps. I had to do this once before the day before Ginger's bday, so I'm not worried about a bad reaction but I am going to a potluck brunch, so it will be fun to see what happens to me.

Originally Posted by ~whitehologram~ View Post
For that reason it'd have to be one of the adults and not one of the kids in our house. The battle and the Lording it over the others isn't worth it for who get's to poop first on a new loo seat.
I am so glad you can validate the insanity that is my life. You say something like that out loud to another person who does not have multiple children and they look at you like you have three heads.

I will look into the jackets. A lot of the joggers/bikers here wear those. But they will need flashlights too just to be able to see to get there, so I am also going to see what I can find of the blinking variety. Probably put them in the stocking as a present, LOL.

Jess, I am the same weight (more or less) since right before Ian, but it has redistributed differently so a lot of my clothes don't fit the same. I still have two pairs of maternity pants I use under long shirts/sweaters even though the waist goes up to my boobs What you might look for is some dressier looking yoga pants or sweatpants/knit pants that don't look like yoga/sweatpants. Since you will be outside most of the time, you can probably pull it off. The first year of one job I had years ago that required I wore khakis, I went out and bought 4 pair of khaki chino jeans instead, since I wore a full apron over it, and no one ever knew the difference and I didn't have to iron or dryclean them.
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