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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

I find it depends on the kid. My two DS's tire of video games and TV pretty quickly (within a half hour most times) and would rather be playing with lego or outside. My DD, would, if allowed, sit in front of a screen for longer periods of time. We have a pretty balanced life, just by routine, so I don't tend to fret about it too much. Most week days there just simply isn't time for much TV or games, as they are outside, doing extracurriculars, playing with friends, whatever.... Sometimes on the weekends I allow her to veg out, though, because she is a pretty high energy kid, and that is her down time and we all need down time. We have an agreement though that chores/homework/etc... must be done before TV/games and if we feel she has had enough, wit gets turned off, no questions asked. She is good about it. She also knows she can earn gaming time by doing extra school work (usually some rote practice, such as cursive writing, multiplication, etc...), so if she really wants to play a certain game, she pulls out some work and does it first. Saturday mornings, I often come down to her on the laptop and 3-4 pages of cursive writing done before 7 am. If only she could remember to make me coffee in that time...
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