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Re: KAL ~ Christmas is Coming! Dec 9-15

Yes Alaina does need booties. The ground is frosty here, no idea the temp though. Probably around the 30's. I think our expected high today is 40.

Finished 1 leg of the Brooks longies last night. The colorway isn't knitting as nicely as I would have loved, but it is still nice. Half way through the fish hat too so hopefully getting more of that knitted during work today. I'm now running a "work" project and a "TV" project hoping to get more done that way.

Anjuli, I'm hoping that the meds are helping and kid is resting peacefully now. Nice of him to use daddy for the grossness.

And an FYI. I returned the WIP shirt today and found buried in the "shop" discussion board on ravelry that the shirt is actually not a maternity shirt. It is just a long "stretchy" regular shirt that they have decided to call a maternity shirt. Just wanted to let you all know in case you were tempted to get one, but actually have a belly when pregnant. Would have been a nice note to put on the shirt page actually because I wouldn't have ordered it. Frustration over, now just waiting on the refund.
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