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Re: HELP!!!! I lost items I sold on Ebay

Yes, this has happened to me. I understand exactly how you are feeling. I have sold something that I had already sold without even realizing it.....until I went looking for it to package it up. I also relisted something on Ebay that I had sold......that was the worst. I felt horrible. I contacted the seller immediately and said I could try to find one in our local stores (it was a harder to find toy) or I could give an immediate refund. They were obviously upset and wanted to refund immediately. I did it right away and sent another apology message. They left neutral feedback.

I would hope most people realize that everone is human and makes honest mistakes. That is why I really don't like reading so many threads on here complainging about sellers and the items they purchase. It can be hard to miss things. For example, I sold a Tinkerbell halloween costume from the Disney Store. I had no idea even after looking through it that there were about 3 tears in the tulle fabric. The way the tulle was cut for style, it wasn't noticeable until I went to put it in the envelope and then when I saw it from that angle I could tell.

The most important thing is to be quick to let them know, refund, and be apologetic.
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