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I have to take my 15 month-old for a well-baby check up at noon. Not sure if he gets more vaccinations, hmmm. Dreading it a bit because I am SO tired.
Last night was my worst night so far. I felt fine until 3pm, then starting feeling terrible. My nausea got unmanageable and I asked DH to get me some soup at around 10pm. After I ate it, I felt 10 times better. I have not thrown up yet, but this nausea in the evenings/nights is kicking my butt.
I ordered 6 newborn aios in a flash co-op that was only open an evening on FB. Feeling lucky I got in on that. Cost me $24 (after shipping will be $30). They look just like Lil Joeys. We are team green, but I ordered 1 girly flower diaper--my first girly baby thing to buy ever. So with this order, I have 19 newborn aios, and have spent $82. I want 30 (enough to wash every 2 days) and am off to a great start, heheh.
Anyone else have their stashes started?
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