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I have been super bloated for the past 4wks, to the point that I couldn't walk straight up. So I did a little research and I came across something that made me feel awesome "peppermint tea". I find it relaxing and so does my body I slept so comfy last without any bloating and for the first time in weeks I moved my bowels at 5am (I have done this for years it's my routine) Also it really helps with morning sickness. I just turned 6wks and I was super nauseas this morning and now i am having a cup tea and sucking on preggie drops and I feel like myself. Normally by my 5th week hyperemesis kicks in and stays until I'm 7 months along. So I'm pretty freaking lucky right now and I have no complaints today. For the ladies suffering m/s go get some preggie pops and peppermint tea, it's not too strong of a smell its actually pleasant and not too bold.
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