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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

Thank you so much for all of the input and your personal POVs.

I was thinking something like this:
DS1 (7yrs old and in school)- He can have 30 minutes when he gets home from school, then he has to do his homework. And then maybe he can have an additional hour in the evening if he wants it.

DS2 (5yrs old) - Give him 2 hours a day (just because he's home all day), but make sure it's broken up so he can have 1 hour during the day time, and then 1 hour in the evening so that he won't feel deprived when DS1 is using his.

If they want to look at a book on it, they can do that and it won't count towards their hour, as long as I know for sure they are reading books on it.

I DO have a Nook Simple Touch that *I* use for reading, but kids books just loose some of their fun if you can't see the pictures in color.

And of course time can be lost for bad behavior. Like, if DS1 comes home with a bad mark in his folder for that day, he'll loose some (if not all) of his tablet time. Or if DS2 lies to me, he'll loose time for that.

Or maybe we'll start with no time limits, and then impose them if we feel it's necessary.

I don't think we'd have a timing problem with DS1, but I think DS2 will want to be on it all the time... so...

Anyway, thanks for all of the great ideas to try!

God bless!
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