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My advise is going to be a hassle and inconvenient but I used it on two kids (2 & 4) and it worked wonders!! We only went through this process about 3 times before it "clicked" that they weren't going to get away with their behavior. Here it is: when I park the car I turn around and go over the rules (I only really cover problem areas) and tell them they will get one reminder. If I remind them and they continue we will leave the store and they will go home & sit in timeout. Then I'd ask if they understood. Finally I would follow through with it if needed. When I would give them the reminder about what they were doing that was unacceptable I would tell them again if you continue we will go home and you will sit in timeout. That way there were no surprises for them. I don't believe in just leaving a store when a child throws a fit because they are getting their way that's why we go straight home and they sit in timeout. This worked wonders for me and shopping trips quickly became a lot less stressful. My experience was with two boys and both were strong willed! They quickly learned the cause and effect relationship to misbehavior in a store!
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