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Sounds like he's ready. It's not too early at all! Every child is different. My youngest of five started going to the potty on her own at 19 mths. For the first month or two she ran around bottomless and would just go sit on the potty without warning whenever she had to go. I couldn't believe it because none of my older 4 kids did that. When I tried to put bottoms on her she would pee in them so I kept her bottomless a little while longer and made sure I said " your going potty" when she sat herself down, a few weeks later she said to me"your goin potty! Your goin potty!" in a hurried....I'm gonna pee on myself voice. I picked her up and put her on the potty. After that she started verbalizing that she needed to go. She will turn two next week and has only had like 3 accidents since since she was 19 mths. She hasn't even wet the bed. My other four weren't nearly as easy and I have a three year old that has more accidents than she does but I say all this to say that each child is different and I just follow their lead. Many people practice elimination communication and put there newborns on potties and it works! Most children in other countries are potty trained waaaay sooner than kids here, so just keep an open mind.

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