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Cool Baby Ten and Goodmama fitteds :)

Updated for sale picture: (Shipping is to U.S. only)!
Top (L-R)
1. Baby Ten - Blue/Grey hearts - SOLD!!
2. Baby Ten - Purple/Black hearts - VGUC - slight stain on lay in soaker, barely noticeable. $23ppd
3. Baby Ten - Purple/Grey hearts - EUC - no issues. $26ppd
4. Baby Ten - Circle Batik - lots of edge wear all around edges, inner isn't silky soft, but has lots of edges. $15ppd
5. Baby Ten - Cranky Clouds - EUC - No issues. $30ppd

Middle (L-R)
6. Baby Ten - Buss Pass - EUC. The outer is a bit faded, but that is the nature of the fabric. The inner is still soft with no stains or any other issues. The snap in soaker snap color is a different shade of yellow than the snaps that they snap into (pictured). This obviously doesn't effect anything, but felt I should mention it so there are no issues when it arrives "non-matched." $30ppd
7. Baby Ten - yellow/black/blue stripe - I bought it off Spots for $38.50 and washed it once. EUC, no FDR and no extra lay in soaker (comes with snap in soaker though). $35ppd
8. Baby Ten - Cupcakes - EUC - no issues. $28ppd
9. Baby Ten - Deer - SOLD!!

Bottom (L-R)
10. Goodmama - Heffalumps - SOLD!!
11. Goodmama - Blue Christmas - SOLD!!
12. Goodmama - Stars Goodnight - EUC - no issues. $32ppd

Please message me with interest or any other questions

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