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Re: VERY frequent urination..

I'm sorry you are in pain and peeing all the time.

I would check about the kidney. I'm pretty hands off as far as medical stuff is concerned, but kidneys are pretty important. And you've only got two. So better to make sure they're okay.

I had kidney stones before, and never had any symptoms other than bad pain one night/morning. Went in to get it checked and sure enough, stones! They dissolved, thankfully.

I also had UTIs forever, and never knew what they were. I don't have any pain while urinating or any burning or anything else. I figured out what was going on when my pee turned orange from blood. That was fun.

Not everyone has the typical symptoms. But if you have had kidney pains before, you KNOW the pains. They are very specific. If you are having kidney pain, get it checked out.
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