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Re: Who on here has had 5 or more C/S?


I just had my 6th csection on 11/28.

CS1- emergency cs, fetal distress. Had classical incision in and out.

CS2 - emergency cs at 38 weeks , Dr. Did not want to try VBAC, was too naive or ignorant to contest what Dr. had to say, transverse incision in and out.

CS3 - emergency cs at 36 weeks, transverse incision in and out, baby came out fine.

CS4- emergency cs at 38 weeks, transverse, then classical incision out, classical incision in. Adhesions on my lower abdomen was too thick. Dr. Advised no more babies, it took her over and hour to close me up.

CS5 - Got pregnant after 21 months, Dr. (a different one) did classical incision outside and a higher transverse incision inside. scheduled csection at 38 weeks. Had more adhesions.

CS6 - Scheduled csection at 38 weeks, same Dr. Did classical incisions in and out as adhesions are really thick , my uterus is very thin that the baby was out before we finished praying the Our Father. As with CS4 it took the Dr. An hour to close me up. Now, he advises no more pregnancy as the risk is mush higher due to my age , and thin uterus. I have yet to talk to him on my 2 week post partum check up.

Based on what I have been through, there is always a risk on every pregnancy. We do not know the day or the hour we'll be called from this life. My husband and I rely on God's mercy that He may allow me to take care and raise each and every child He has given us yet we also seek His wisdom that we may know His will for us. We are also blessed to be surrounded by prayer warriors along the way.

Have faith and rely on God that His will may be done. i will be praying for you and your baby's safe delivery.


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