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Originally Posted by my2sweets View Post
I would call back.

In my 1st pregnancy I had to pee a rediculous amount, never any burning or itching or fever, and after a couple of days that little back ache that was blamed on stretching turned me into an exhausted couch potatoe. I ended up in the hospital for 3days with a kidney infection.
Oh wow. Yeah I wouldn't want that. I've been sooooooo tired for the past week, but I'm sure a lot of it is being pregnant and having 2 other kids and a house to take care of..
Originally Posted by itiswhatitis1984 View Post
At the beginning of this pregnancy I was peeing like a maniac also. I just chalked it up to early pregnancy. When I had my first appt they sent me for a urine test & I had two different bacterial infections in my bladder. I had no clue with our any symptoms. So I would have a urine culture done. Life is better when you don't get up to pee 6 times a night!!
Interesting. Yes they checked me for a utility a couple weeks ago because I had a lot of cramping/pain. It was negative. When I went in around 7 weeks for the kidney pain they did a urine check, negative for uti but had white cells in it...they sent it out for a culture but nothing came of it...and I agree...peeing all night sucks! Haha
Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
I'm sorry you are in pain and peeing all the time.

I would check about the kidney. I'm pretty hands off as far as medical stuff is concerned, but kidneys are pretty important. And you've only got two. So better to make sure they're okay.

I had kidney stones before, and never had any symptoms other than bad pain one night/morning. Went in to get it checked and sure enough, stones! They dissolved, thankfully.

I also had UTIs forever, and never knew what they were. I don't have any pain while urinating or any burning or anything else. I figured out what was going on when my pee turned orange from blood. That was fun.

Not everyone has the typical symptoms. But if you have had kidney pains before, you KNOW the pains. They are very specific. If you are having kidney pain, get it checked out.
How did they figure out that it was stones? I'm a newbie to this type of medical stuff haha
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