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Re: VERY frequent urination..

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post

How did they figure out that it was stones? I'm a newbie to this type of medical stuff haha
They looked at my kidneys with an ultrasound. Which are not the most reliable, but I was nursing a 2 mo old at the time, so I couldn't drink the gunk for the other machine thing they use.

I had one medium size stone, and one small one. Plus, they did a urinalysis and found blood and bacteria in my urine, which confirmed my suspicion that I'd passed one a few days prior.

I went back in like 2 or 3 days and they were gone.

I think it was b/c I was taking Calcium Magnesium for my whole pregnancy and I took too large of doses. My MW recommended against it and cautioned that it could cause stones, but I was really wanting to avoid leg cramps, so I took the high dose anyway.

Then after the birth, I had mastitis, recovered, and then I got food poisoning and became VERY ill. (lost 6 lbs in 24 hrs) I got really dehydrated and couldn't seem to re-hydrate myself no matter how much I drank. And then within a week of that I got kidney stones. So I think mine were a bad combination of a bunch of things. Upping my water intake a whole lot for days dissolved the stones and I didn't pass anymore thankfully.

Anyway, sorry for the babble.

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