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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (December)

Ok ladies I don't post here much, but can I get some reassurance?

I'm only 8 weeks today, and had felt SUPER nauseous all day long every day for about 2 weeks from 5-7 weeks. It started to let up around 7 and now at 8 I feel almost completely fine. From 7 weeks through yesterday I had crazy all the time heartburn that was reassuring since the nausea had died down a lot. Now, nothing today. I don't feel nearly as tired as I did yesterday, either. I feel some...back pain? I hesitate to call it cramps since it's just in my lower back, not around in front. UGH. With my miscarriage, I had no spotting, no cramping, no nothing. The baby just died. I waited two weeks to miscarry naturally and finally had to take meds. So I don't feel at all comforted by the fact that I"m not spotting or cramping. Help? Why in the WORLD would I start feeling so much better already????
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