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Re: Time out for a 19 month old?

Originally Posted by Leiiki View Post
My two suggestions:
-Try time in: you immediately respond with "OW! No hitting, hitting hurts me!" then you go to a quiet spot and hold him until he is calm and ready to apologize. Talk quietly and firmly, repeating "hitting hurts. We can't play if we hit people. When you are ready to say sorry, you can try playing again." Accept any version of "sorry", hug or kiss whatever you prefer. Let it go once he apologizes. At this age, each incident needs to be thought of and treated as the only incident - he doesn't yet understand that he just did that five minutes ago.

-Look for targeted children's books, not just parenting books. "No Hitting for Little Hamster" is a great one for his age. Many toddlers respond better to role playing than to discipline. You can say "remember what little hamster said?" and let them self-direct their behavior.
This is why I LOVE diaperswappers. This obvious tool did not even occur to me, and my little guy LOVES books! I'm totally leaving work early and heading to Barnes and Noble.
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