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Originally Posted by canadianbakers
I'm so worried for a mama in the april group. She had an u/s this morning, the tech didn't give her anything specific but said that she should see her Dr right away and the radiologist would call her Dr and the Dr would call her within a day or 2 to set up follow up stuff.
I'm for her and her baby girl.
And I really wish everyone in the group would stop saying "since they're not doing anything urgent, it must be nothing big." Because... well... they're wrong.
I kinda thought the same thing... aren't most problems detected at the anatomy scan either "wait and see" or "here's a heads up"? I would imagine very few would be urgent? I think more than anything they were just trying to say something reassuring until she found out. So glad it turned out to be nothing!

Elena, how are you doing? Hiccup giving some reassuring kicks I hope?

Originally Posted by itsajoi
Ok ladies I don't post here much, but can I get some reassurance?

I'm only 8 weeks today, and had felt SUPER nauseous all day long every day for about 2 weeks from 5-7 weeks. It started to let up around 7 and now at 8 I feel almost completely fine. From 7 weeks through yesterday I had crazy all the time heartburn that was reassuring since the nausea had died down a lot. Now, nothing today. I don't feel nearly as tired as I did yesterday, either. I feel some...back pain? I hesitate to call it cramps since it's just in my lower back, not around in front. UGH. With my miscarriage, I had no spotting, no cramping, no nothing. The baby just died. I waited two weeks to miscarry naturally and finally had to take meds. So I don't feel at all comforted by the fact that I"m not spotting or cramping. Help? Why in the WORLD would I start feeling so much better already????
Can your provider sneak you in for an u/s or heart rate check? My friend's OB knew she had a missed miscarriage six months prior to her current pregnancy so when she had a similar situation he brought her in for a quick check. Baby was great and a week later morning sickness was full force again.

I had a missed miscarriage, too, and I know how terrifying a lack of symptoms can be. mama!

Eta: just read that you are in between providers so no u/s. My RE would not do betas after 7 weeks. She said its not a good indication that things are growing right. But! If you think it would give you some temporary reassurance I would still ask.

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