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Re: WOHMs in medical field

Job Title: Director of Risk Management

Degrees Earned: bachelor of business admin in risk management, then later a law degree - but I already had 9 years of experience when I started law school and I went part time at night. I only did it for personal reasons, it wasn't necessary for my job, though I'm hoping it makes me more competitive when I decide to go back to work (currently SAHM)

Typical Weekly Schedule: It was a ton of travel, probably 75% of the time. I could be in 4 different states in 3 days. Very little down time, got calls at night and weekends all the time. Even got a call at 11pm on my wedding night (phone was turned off!). I traveled so much I felt like I should just forward my mail to Delta!

Average Wage: Probably starts around $60k if you are the risk manager for a single hospital. I was overseeing risk management for 4 hospitals and over a dozen nursing homes, so my salary was low 6 figures plus bonus & travel differential.

Typical Shift Like? Take calls about adverse events, troubleshoot solutions to regulatory or accreditation problems, investigate negative patient outcomes, meet with patients/families about concerns, monitor pending litigation, etc.

I LOVED what I did, it killed me to quit when DD was born, but she was so sick with her heart defect and I just couldn't do all that travel with her so tiny & ill. When I go back, I'll probably look for a RM position at the hospital level so there's little/no travel, instead of going back to a upper management position.
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