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Re: Ahhh! Birthday present overload!

These are great suggestions! I don't want to sound rude or unappreciative when we receive gifts, but we simply don't have room for everything. We keep a few extra toys so we can rotate, but everything else we exchange for something we can use or donate. After DD's November birthday I almost had a panic attack until we got our dining room clear of all the gifts.

I'm not sure what to do for Christmas. I'm thinking since DD is still young we can play with the toys for a few months and then bring them to Goodwill. Grandma got her a little people princess huge castle thing, so I'm thinking we will play with it for a month and donate. Sooner if I have panic attacks over the thing... Grandma has gone to cousins birthdays for years and is always reminding me that she bought gifts for them so I need to have a party so aunts and uncles can come. I'm thinking we won't next year, too stressful.
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