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Re: Toddler Alarm Clock?

I love love love my toddler clock and I recommend the concept to everyone.

We got one when she was 25months. It took about 2 weeks and then her sleep was back to normal.

I don't think any of the ones on the market are better than the others - we have the one with the little girl who sleeps and rides a scooter. A friend of mine has the one with the monkey that opens and shuts their eyes. The MyTotClock mentioned above also has great success stories.

but I do highly recommend this concept. It makes it so much more gentle on them. You're not 'not reacting' to them, but you are taking the focus off of seeing mom and dad and onto looking at the clock to see if it's okay to be up or if it's time to be sleeping. It gives them another security item to help them ascertain what they should be doing.
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