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Re: Problems with the school bus... and I blame the taxpayers for this one!

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
You said it was your opinion that it was the fault of the tax payers. It seems based on what else you wrote, that you are basing that opinion on a couple of newspaper articles. I suggest that if you really want to change things, you need facts, not just opinions, on exactly what you are trying to change. So I suggest going to the school board meetings and seeing about getting ahold of the actual budget. You may discover that the problem isn't income, but spending. It could be that some folks in the system do have overinflated salaries, it could be that they are overspending on equipment and not realizing it.

If it is a problem of people not wanting to pay higher taxes, maybe try running for the school board? Having a position on the board might make it easier to campaign for higher taxes.
That opinion is not just based on a couple of newspaper articles. As an employee of the school district, I live this; I see it in every paycheck I get. The salaries of public school employees are public information and, as such, the pay scales are posted publicly on the school district's web site.

I do plan to contact our school board member about this situation. I am not eligible to run for the school board because I'm an employee of the school district.

I have gotten two phone calls back from the "lead driver" so far. In the first call, she told me that she reviewed video from the bus yesterday afternoon and that nothing I described had occurred. That's because she watched the video from the afternoon bus run and the problems happened during the morning run. She then said she would review the morning video and call me again. I missed her second call, so now we're playing phone tag.
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