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Re: How Many Cloth Panty Liners?

Originally Posted by FriedaT View Post
How many cloth panty liners do I need for lunette cup backup? I have 10 liners and 2 light pads that I bought on Black Friday and I'm wondering if that's enough.

How many do you tend to go through a day? How often do you wash? I just got AF back last month after 2 years of not having it and even then I didn't count how many sposie liners I was going through as tampon backup.

Sorry if this is TMI and thanks in advance!
I would think that'd be enough, but it really depends on how much you leak, too. I have to change a couple times a day (and actually, I use a regular flow pad because I'm totally paranoid) but I've never been able to get a cup or even tampons to work perfectly for me - I've always leaked and just use it so I don't have to wear a heavier pad and change more often.

When I have my period (and I haven't for many months) I usually wash after my second day because I've run out of pads from a super heavy flow, and then again at the end because my flow is so much lighter the rest of the week.

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