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UPDATE- SHE'S HERE!!! Not how I thought my day would go.

This morning I had my regular perinatologist appointment. They have been monitoring my bile acids now for three weeks and evaluating how far I should take this pregnancy. Well, they got my blood work back and found that my bile acids were over 160 (normal being 4-19). The perinatologist rushed me out the door and over to L&D where I was immediately hooked up to magnesium to prepare the baby for induction in the next week. I will be 33 weeks on Friday.

This is suddenly very real now, and the reality that I will be caring for a preemie soon is beginning to sink in. I'm freaking out. I've had the steroid shots, I'm getting the mag to help protect her brain. What else can I do? I seriously can not believe this is happening. Will she be okay? Please tell me 33+ weeks is enough, because I'm very scared.

She's here! Born red faced and screaming. They took her to the NICU a few minutes after birth and in two days she's already graduated to the next phase room (A to B) and has even eaten a bit of milk I pumped. She is breathing but needs a little forced air which they are slowly weening her off of. She's 4lbs 5oz. which is SO much bigger than we though she'd be. So where we stand right now is that we don't know for sure when she an come home, but once she masters eating, is actively gaining weight, is off of the air and weighs over 4 lbs (which she already does) then she can be discharged. We are already a quarter of the way there! Anyway she's crazy cute, and ridiculously feisty, constantly pulling her cannula out and removing her ankle band. She gets fussy when they check her BP so they bribe her with a single drop of sugar water, which is pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen. Anyway, all in all I'd say we are counting out blessings right now. My recovery has been non existent, I had no trauma what so ever and don't even feel like I gave birth, which I guess is the silver lining to having such a small baby. And she is doing just fine, so I'm a happy mama today. I'm pumping my brains out trying to get my milk to come in (which is why I'm up at 3am posting) and I've been pretty successful. Anyway, off to the early arrival board to pick up some preemie tips! Thanks for all of the amazing helpful responses. They saved me from going crazy.

little Miss Indie Ginnette-

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