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Re: HSing Check-In December 8-22

Originally Posted by croark View Post
My oldest DD finished her math workbook today. We started MUS back in the summer. I didn't want her to miss anything as MUS is a unique program. So we started with the first book, Alpha. That was during the summer. We just finished the second one, Beta, today. So we will start third book, Gamma, in January. If I can get her to the 4 th book I'll feel we are pretty much caught up.
But for now we take the rest of the year off!! Hallelujah :-)
yay for breaks!
We are almost finished with our first books of Singapore for K and third. I used Saxon last year for third for my son, but he didn't learn from it so we switched to Singapore. It is much better. I have had a fever all week, so this week, school has been card games in bed, independent reading and tons of Netflix science and history movies. But they are still learning! I will take a break until after the new year after sometime next week. We are so exhausted.
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