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Re: Getting DH on board for a home birth

I can understand his hesitance especially with a midwife so far away. How far away is a hospital in case of emergency?

I have one hospital within 15 minutes of my home (probably 5-10 minutes in an ambulance) and my midwife could make it to my house within 20 minutes. I would be a lot more nervous if that wasn't the case.

Would your husband be more comfortable with a certified nurse midwife? It took me a while but I found a CNM who strictly did homebirths but had experience working in hospitals and birth centers, I had DH meet with her and basically she made him feel very comfortable with her level of experience and her knowledge and her passion for homebirths. It's harder to find CNM's that do homebirths but it's definitely awesome when you find one that's not a "med wife" which a lot of hospital CNM's are.

DH was hesitant but not as hesitant as yours; I would feel really hurt if my DH just told me he wasn't even open to thinking about something that affected me so much. It's important that your DH be on board and comfortable with the birth plan but ultimately it's you who is doing the work and it's you who is affected by where you birth so I find it supremely selfish. I hope you can change his mind...
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